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Where to buy an ABS pump controller

From 2016, new cars sold in our country must be equipped with ABS, a system that prevents the brakes from completely locking during braking. This allows the driver to have full control over the car during the braking manoeuvre and to change the direction of travel thus avoiding an accident; additionally, the braking distance has been reduced.

Components of the ABS system

The most important components of ABS are the controller, the pump and the sensors in each of the wheels. The sensors are responsible for measuring wheel speed; the information is transferred to the controller that adjusts brake fluid pressure. This ensures that the car does not swerve when braking and all the wheels rotate at the same speed. When the brake pedal is depressed, the pressurised fluid acts on the brake pads thus increasing the friction force and slowing down the car. In cars without the ABS, the wheels may lock completely causing the car to skid and you cannot control the direction of travel.

For the ABS to work properly, all components must be in working order. If the pump or the controller is damaged, the speed of one of the wheels may be different and the car may deviate from its path. Therefore, it is important to take care of the maintenance of the car, and make the necessary repairs in the event of any irregularities occurring. If the ABS controller is not working, this may be indicated by a warning light on the dashboard. In some cases the wheels may be permanently blocked.

Where can I buy a used ABS pump controller?

When the ABS pump controller gets damage, it is usually the entire module that is replaced. If you have a new car or one that is only a few years old, there will certainly be no problem in finding matching parts. However, if your vehicle is a bit older, then the only solution may be to find a substitute, i.e. a used pump. These days they can be remanufactured so you can find a pump that will have new components in online shops. You can find many models of ABS pumps for different makes and models of cars on used ABS pump controller at attractive prices.

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