Novice drivers often think that automatic gearbox is a better choice. It is obviously motivated by a simpler way of driving and lack of the necessity of changing gears on your own.
Slightly more experienced drivers, in turn, know that nothing can ensure such pleasure from driving like manual transmissions. Furthermore, it is worth bearing in mind that a replacement of a gearbox will be much more expensive for an automatic mechanism.   How does a manual gearbox work?

You need not be a rocket scientist to understand the operation of a manual gearbox. A cogwheel mounted on the clutch shaft is responsible for transmitting power to the cogwheel of the intermediate shaft. Mounted on the main and intermediate shafts there is a system of cogwheels responsible for the individual gears. The manual gearbox system is also equipped with a clutch which provides control of the torque on the axle. In a majority of cars there is a five- or six- speed manual gearbox.  

Manual gearbox

Is replacement of a manual gearbox expensive?

The cost of replacement of manual gearbox obviously depends on a lot of factors and in the first place on the model and make of your car. Fortunately, you do not always have to fear excessive pricing. In order to make a saving on replacing this component, it is a good idea to make the purchase online and choose cheap used parts. This way you can save even a few thousand zlotys! Is an online purchase safe? It will certainly be safe if you choose the right online shop. There you will find a wide range of parts for a lot of car models. A used manual gearbox absolutely need not be worse than a new one. And a much lower price will convince you that this is the optimal choice that will let you reduce the spending. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of online shopping. This option is taken advantage of by both private individuals and mechanics looking for optimal parts at considerably lower prices.

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