Does everybody know how a car works? Basically, anyone can answer this question; however, if we delve into the technical details then not everything is so obvious, or at least not to everybody.
Here, we want to ask about an element that is found in a car and is called potentiometer of the accelerator pedal. We depress the accelerator pedal, the car accelerates and this is obvious. But on what principles does it work? And here enters the accelerator potentiometer mentioned above.

Potentiometer, or otherwise accelerator gas pedal

    This is the element that is responsible for acceleration and also for slowing down on the road. It transmits information on the position of the acceleration pedal and thus information on the necessity to increase the engine speed and thereby accelerate. Furthermore, if we have to do with a car with an automatic gearbox, then this potentiometer also transmits information on gear shifts. If the accelerator pedal is depressed to the floor, this causes acceleration of the car and after some time a higher gear is engaged automatically. If this part becomes defective in our car then it is difficult to achieve proper acceleration and the car might respond in very different ways, we could colloquially say it goes mad. And therefore in a moment like this it becomes necessary to replace this part. Its cost obviously depends on the model of the car concerned and whether it is a new part or a used one. It is quite OK to go for a used one that will serve the purpose very well. Here we need to indicate the price. As already mentioned above, it is to a large extent dependent on the model of the car; however, can find something within the range of several hundred zlotys. This will be of course increased by the cost of replacement, which altogether means the amount to be spent is quite considerable. However, this expenditure is necessary as driving with a defective potentiometer of the accelerator pedal is not just a certain handicap but it can be simply dangerous. Before we buy such a part it is worthwhile to have a close look around the market as we might find a bargain.


FoMoCo 3M51-9F836-AF

6PV 0086 41-10

Price 80.00 EUR
(net 65.04 EUR)


6R1 721 059 S

Price 50.00 EUR
(net 40.65 EUR)


BOSCH 0 280 755 026

Price 60.00 EUR
(net 48.78 EUR)


7H1 721 503 A

6 PV 008 496-03

Price 60.00 EUR
(net 48.78 EUR)


98AB9F836AE 4J13B

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)


7700 313 060

6PV 008 119-14

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)


8200 426 238 E

6PV 009 085-05

Price 60.00 EUR
(net 48.78 EUR)


BOSCH 0 280 752 279


Price 70.00 EUR
(net 56.91 EUR)



6PV 008641-32

Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)


14 008 386 80

6PV 009 083-09

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)


9186724 CE

93174339, 848125

Price 80.00 EUR
(net 65.04 EUR)



Price 60.00 EUR
(net 48.78 EUR)


The company Worldecu specializes in sales electronics parts.
Ecu engine controllers, BSI, BSM, body comfort module, abs modules and other electronics parts.
The electronic parts include very delicate components, is why before shipment they are tested by our qualified technicians and then properly protected and packaged before the possibility of damage during transport.
The company Worldecu offers fast shipping to every places on the earth.
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Discounts for regular customers

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The Worldecu Internet shop deals with sale of parts for cars, delivery vans and trucks of various brands. Each part is thoroughly checked by our qualified mechanics. We offer a 6-month warranty for our goods.  We specialize in engine controllers that can be prepared  in many ways by our electronic engineers to avoid additional costs and software difficulties .

Methods of payment

Possible payment methods
Depending on the currency and way of delivery as well and your own preference our Internet shop offers the three payment methods:

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