The development of injection in petrol engines began already in the early 20th century.
However, it was first in the 1950s that this solution began to be used in automotive engineering. The pioneer who commenced work on the advanced injection system was Mercedes. The Chrysler Corporation, in turn, was the first to implement electronic fuel injection.

Petrol fuel injector

Today, a vast majority of passenger cars take advantage of indirect multipoint injection. Its correct operation has a huge effect on the smooth running of the drive system. If operational, this system is responsible for the dynamics, combustion, emissions and engine life, as well as the running costs. Needless to add that any defects may have very serious consequences regarding both the comfort and the safety of driving.

It is a common opinion that a petrol fuel injector does not require such considerable expenditure as the solutions used in diesel engines. This, however, is not exactly true. Of course, a lot depends on the particular parameters and the car model. A new injector may actually be very expensive. For the newer cars, the cost might even reach several thousand zlotys. A cheaper alternative chosen by a log of drives is a used fuel injector for petrol engines.

However, when choosing this option you need to be very careful. Excessive saving might turn out to be very expensive in the future. This does not change the fact that buying a used and fully operational injector is perfectly possible. Many drivers’ experience suggests that when buying used parts it is a good idea to rely on a renowned shop instead of a private seller. By ordering online you can often get a start-up warranty.

When you decide to buy a used fuel injector, it is also worthwhile to pay attention to the manufacturer. We choose parts from renowned and well-known manufacturers. Let us remember how essential it is that the injector works correctly in the context of the safety and comfort of driving. A better quality injector will quite quickly pay off in the future through lower running costs and lower consumption.

ASTRA, VECTRA 93176627, 5817422 93176629, 5817424 24404012

Price 80.00 EUR
(net 65.04 EUR)
CORSA   55562258      BOSCH 0 280 151 239       BOSCH 0 280 158 181
Price 123.00 EUR
(net 100.00 EUR)
AGILA   1.0 K10B   93194239 , 4709349    93194237, 4709347
Price 98.40 EUR
(net 80.00 EUR)
 VECTRA, SIGNUM  3.2 Z32SE  93172752, 5817412
Price 86.10 EUR
(net 70.00 EUR)
 ASTRA, INSIGNIA , ZAFIRA    2009  1.6 A16XER     55562599 A259803633
Price 123.00 EUR
(net 100.00 EUR)
 ASTRA, MERIVA    55559375 , 817185     55559377 , 821358
Price 98.40 EUR
(net 80.00 EUR)

 ASTRA VECTRA  55353806, 93185686 5817429

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)
AGILA     93194240, 4709350       93194237, 4709347
Price 123.00 EUR
(net 100.00 EUR)
 OMEGA  90411551, 817311   90501588, 9054362
Price 61.50 EUR
(net 50.00 EUR)


Price 25.00 EUR
(net 20.33 EUR)

 AGILA, ASTRA, CORSA  BOSCH 0 280 151 076  9157506, 817406 BOSCH 0 280 155 965

Price 20.00 EUR
(net 16.26 EUR)
ASTRA, VECTRA 1.8 C18NZ, 2.0 C20NE    1993-1996 BOSCH 0280 150 747  
Price 10.00 EUR
(net 8.13 EUR)