Each car owner who wants to use their vehicle in a safe and comfortable manner should remember to regularly check if all of its parts function correctly.
No one wants to think of what will happen if a failure strikes during driving. Should any failure of any part be noticed in the course of such an inspection, this part must be replaced as soon as possible. In many of today’s cars performing surveys and inspections is outstandingly simple and quite easy. This is possible due to the application of a large number of electronic components that can be connected to a computer, which enables the servicing mechanics to quickly detect the defect in the car.

Injection pump

In cars with diesel engines, there may be problems not only with the standard elements but also trouble related to the engine itself; for example, with the injection pump. A diesel injection pump is an essential and very important part of the vehicle and it needs to be cared for properly. This is the component that is responsible for the correct flow of fuel so that the car can move smoothly along the road while consuming the correct amount of diesel oil. If a defect occurs in the injection pump the best way to go is to replace it to another one – a functional one. It needs not be a brand new device, used pumps can work well provided that there are in a very good condition. Used injection pumps can be found at a lot of different places. Today’s car owners are more and more willing to use well-proven and much cheaper used elements instead of new and very expensive replacements. The interest in second-hand diesel car parts is considerable because they are cheaper and can still serve for quite a long time. A used injection pump will perfectly fit cars where a failure of this device occurred. The best idea is to have the replacement carried out at a car workshop unless we are sure that we know how to do it. Any irregularities in the operation of the car must not be neglected; they must be dealt with as soon as possible because a failure that is not spotted on time can have serious consequences.


 0055209064 55209064  

BOSCH 0 445 010 183

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)


  BOSCH 0 445 010 033

0986 437 302

Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)


   2.0 CDTI VDTI Z20S

 BOSCH 0 445 010 180

Price 200.00 EUR
(net 162.60 EUR)


0986437301, 8200055072

BOSCH 0 445 010 031

Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)


 2.0 DTH X20DTH  

BOSCH 0 470 504 004

0 986 444 003

Price 550.00 EUR
(net 447.15 EUR)


2.0 DTH X20DTH, 2.2 X22DTH  

BOSCH 0 470 504 009

0 986 444 005

Price 700.00 EUR
(net 569.11 EUR)


 2.0 X20DTH     

BOSCH 0 470 504 011

0 986 444 012

Price 700.00 EUR
(net 569.11 EUR)