Of course, the EGR valve is one of the least liked parts in passenger cars. It is an exhaust gas recirculation system. Its main task is to reduce the amount of oxygen supplied to the combustion chamber in order to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides.
Many drivers have negative opinions on this part, claiming that the EGR valve can do more harm than good. And indeed, a faulty or damaged system can reduce maximum engine power as well as have an adverse effect on valve timing. Moreover, the system has to be cleaned or replaced from time to time, which is not a cheap operation. For that reason, many drivers go for a popular (though illegal) “procedure” of closing the EGR valve.

EGR valve

In recent times, however, there is more and more talk of eco-friendliness and harmfulness of exhaust gases to the environment. This means that closing the EGR valve can result in large fines. For that reason, more and more drivers decide to replace that part with a new one so as not to run the risk of getting a huge ticket. And indeed, deciding to buy a working, used EGR valve on Auto24Parts, we are going to pay much less than in the case of a possible road check which would show that the exhaust gas recirculation system is out of order.

In the EGR Valve category, you will find cheap parts for many passenger car models from highly regarded suppliers in the automotive industry: Delphi, Pierburg, Denso, GM. Here you are going to find only working parts that have been thoroughly checked by mechanics. Therefore, you get a short-term warranty to check the part that you have received. Deciding to buy a used EGR valve from Auto24Parts website, you will pay much less and will get a high-quality system that will not put your engine under stress. A working, used EGR valve will also protect you against an expensive fine in the case of a road check. It should be emphasised that, in the present situation, closing that valve is not a reasonable solution and can cause us many problems.

Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)
OPEL SAAB WAUXHALL CHEVROLET 2.0 DTH Y20DTH 2.2 DTR Y22DTR WAHLER 7375 D  58 51 041, 58 51 594, 9196675, 93176090  
Price 307.50 EUR
(net 250.00 EUR)
Price 175.00 EUR
(net 142.28 EUR)

VECTRA C, SIGNUM  2005-2008 ISUZU 8973560781 K5T701906804

Price 200.00 EUR
(net 162.60 EUR)
AGILA, ASTRA, CORSA   55351260 , 5851591   851593, 9157671, 9158987 DELPHI EG10300-12B1
Price 61.50 EUR
(net 50.00 EUR)

 ASTRA VECTRA OMEGA ZAFIRA  1999-2001  2.0 X20DTH, 2.2 X22DTH  WAHLER 7211D

Price 50.00 EUR
(net 40.65 EUR)
 ASTRA, CORSA, VECTRA, ZAFIRA 851581, 5851005 DELPHI EG10006-12B1 PIERBURG 7.24809.12.0
Price 73.80 EUR
(net 60.00 EUR)
 ASTRA J 4 IV, INSIGNIA  2009 55566052, 851288 K5T70977
Price 123.00 EUR
(net 100.00 EUR)
ASTRA 1998-2000  52797101 PIERBURG 5.27971.01
Price 86.10 EUR
(net 70.00 EUR)
BMW E60 E61 525 7 791 480
Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)
OPEL CHEVROLET HOLDEN VAUXHALL VECTRA OMEGA ZAFIRA OMEGA  1998-2004  5851037 , 58 51 037 , 9158200
Price 55.35 EUR
(net 45.00 EUR)
  5851020, 851706, 851708  90543031, 90570475, 90570476 DELPHI EG10287-12B1 PIERBURG 7.22414.04.0
Price 73.80 EUR
(net 60.00 EUR)


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