Some passenger cars are not equipped with a rear wiper. This is quite characteristic for most sedans.
On the other hand, only few people realise that a defective rear wiper in a car that is factory-fitted with this component provides a basis for punishing the driver with a ticket. Therefore, if the rear wiper in your car has just stopped functioning or is functioning incorrectly, you should do something about it. It will probably be the rear wiper motor that has caused the malfunction.  

Rear wiper motor

  You can see that the lifetime of the rear wiper motor is coming to an end when it works irregularly. At certain moments the wiper slows down or even stops on the window. Frequently, you can also notice problems with the wiper returning to the park position. If you do not react on time the rear wiper motor will stop working at all. On a rainy day you might be stopped by the police and asked why you are not using the rear wiper. A defect will give them a basis to instruct you or give you a ticket. Such situations are very rare but some drivers have experienced them.

In most cases a repair of the rear wiper motor will be pointless. This assembly wears out over time and succumbs to old age. The most effective and the fastest way to set the rear wiper in motion again is by replacing the motor. Although it is not a big or complicated component, the prices of new motors can be simply preposterous. For this reason many drivers go for a used but functional motor as the replacement.  

At this place you will easily find a used rear wiper motor in good technical condition. All parts are carefully inspected so that the customer may have a guarantee of long and impeccable operation of the component they bought. By choosing a used rear wiper motor you can save a lot on repairs. This way you will quickly restore the driving comfort and safety with better visibility in the rear mirror.

 ASTRA   2004-2009 93179057 1273081, 12 73 081

Price 70.00 EUR
(net 56.91 EUR)

CORSA   2006- 13182340, 1270814

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)

 ZAFIRA   1998-2005  90 587 523, 90587523  VALEO 530 10 712  

Price 90.00 EUR
(net 73.17 EUR)

 MERIVA   2003-2009 23003807, 6270045

Price 120.00 EUR
(net 97.56 EUR)

  CORSA  1993-2000    90386268, 90 386 268

Price 50.00 EUR
(net 40.65 EUR)

 CORSA   2001-2006 9132802, 1273050 VALEO 530 11 112

Price 40.00 EUR
(net 32.52 EUR)

 VECTRA    1995-2002     90504983, 1273018    90584596, 1273023

Price 40.00 EUR
(net 32.52 EUR)

 ZAFIRA    2005-2011 13145548 1273085, 12 73 085

Price 90.00 EUR
(net 73.17 EUR)

 VECTRA   1995-2002  90512668, 6270030

Price 60.00 EUR
(net 48.78 EUR)
 CORSA, COMBO   1993-2000
Price 49.20 EUR
(net 40.00 EUR)

AGILA   2002-2007

Price 90.00 EUR
(net 73.17 EUR)

 CORSA    2006-   13163029, 1273088 VALEO 530 27 340

Price 30.00 EUR
(net 24.39 EUR)