Even a layman clueless about the issues of automotive engineering can perfectly realise that each car moving on our roads in modern times consists of a large number of elements of various kinds.
Each of them separately and all together provide the comfort and safety of driving if they are working properly.

Throttle Body

Unfortunately, all the components of each car sooner or later get worn out in the course of its operation; therefore, it is important to take good care of them with regular and frequent maintenance and replacements. Servicing the car on a regular basis will make it possible to keep it running. One of such elements the lifetime of which can be significantly extended by taking appropriate care of it is undoubtedly the air throttle. This name is probably known to the majority of car users but not everyone knows what this element is and what it is responsible for. Air throttle, often referred to also as flow meter, is quite an essential element of all drive units propelled with petrol. It is responsible for optimal dosing the proper amount of air delivered to the engine. The principle of operation that the work of an air throttle is based on is by no means complicated. It has a sort of tilting flap which is placed in the canal that delivers air to the carburettor. The correct operation of the throttle ensures the proper operation of the whole engine thanks to the fact that the appropriate amount of air is delivered. Producing the mixture of air and petrol enables starting the engine and smooth car travel. A typical, frequently occurring and at the same time one of the most characteristic symptoms of a damage to the flowmeter is the oscillation of the engine revolutions and engine choking when stopping the car. In order to maintain the fully functional condition of the throttle it is necessary to ensure regular technical inspections of the car and replace the air filter on a regular basis. This will allow to avoid having to buy a new element, which can be a sizeable expenditure.


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