A catalyst, or more correctly, catalytic converter, is a very important part in a car with a petrol engine.
The main task of this component is purification of exhaust gas to remove the excess of harmful substances. For many years now, the Highway Code regulations have required a functional catalyst. A possible failure may imply serious consequences including a ban on driving the car affected. Does a failure of this part imply costly repairs?


Due to the environment and the specificity of its operation, a catalyst must by naturally an extremely durable and resistant part. Consequently, failures usually happen with the older systems. Because of excessive operation the ceramic core often wears out. If this is the case then a repair is impossible. You need to think of buying a new catalyst; also in the case of many other failures, it is much more cost effective to have the component replaced than make any attempts at a costly regeneration or repair of such a part.

And here a stumbling block appears. With regard to the new legal requirements and also the specificity of this part, a new catalyst can be enormously expensive. In the case of newer car models with modern systems, the cost can reach several thousand zlotys! Also in the case of the older cars you cannot count on any attractive prices of new parts. What do you do in such a situation? The best idea is to go for a used catalyst.

Below you will find a wide choice of functional used catalysts for your car. Each of the parts has been thoroughly checked by a qualified mechanic. At the purchase you will receive a star-up guarantee. We offer components from the best manufacturers. In this category you will find catalysts for Audi, BMW, Opel, Skoda, Ford, Fiat, Mercedes, Renault, Citroen, Mazda, Toyota and many other car models. The purchase of a used catalyst will let you save a lot on the costly necessary repairs. At the same time you will be sure that the part chosen will function impeccably for many thousands kilometres.

2004-2008 24407027, 55556941 55560789, 25324866 25324688, 25324088 
Price 246.00 EUR
(net 200.00 EUR)
2004-2008  1.9 CDTI Z19DTH, Z19DTJ       55354249, 55559634    5850126, 850243  
Price 184.50 EUR
(net 150.00 EUR)
ASTRA, VECTRA, SIGNUM, ZAFIRA  2006-2008      12992393, 55559312     5849024, 5849357  
Price 246.00 EUR
(net 200.00 EUR)

ASTRA J IV 4, ZAFIRA B     2009    1.6 A16XER   55573033

Price 200.00 EUR
(net 162.60 EUR)

2004-2006   25334294, 55557206, 55559624   55561606, 555671376, 849220 5849036, 849332, 849230

Price 200.00 EUR
(net 162.60 EUR)
AGILA 2004-2007 93193532, 93191994 4708712, 5854373
Price 246.00 EUR
(net 200.00 EUR)
CORSA B 1998-2000 1.0 X10XE  9128618, 858144, 8 58 144
Price 123.00 EUR
(net 100.00 EUR)



24459705 13106545 

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)

ASTRA, CORSA, MERIVA, ZAFIRA    2007     28062608, 55559558 13216985, 5854450, 855257  

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)

2004-2008    1.9 CDTI Z19DTJ, Z19DTH     55561284, 55564446 855248, 855669  

Price 150.00 EUR
(net 121.95 EUR)
 ASTRA H, VECTRA C, SIGNUM, ZAFIRA 2004-2008 5187600, 55561283  855194, 855247
Price 184.50 EUR
(net 150.00 EUR)

CORSA B  1998-2000  1.2 X12XE 9202071, 858157

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)


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The Worldecu Internet shop deals with sale of parts for cars, delivery vans and trucks of various brands. Each part is thoroughly checked by our qualified mechanics. We offer a 6-month warranty for our goods.  We specialize in engine controllers that can be prepared  in many ways by our electronic engineers to avoid additional costs and software difficulties .

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