Spare parts for Opel A smoothly functioning car is a very important issue. It is well known, however, that with the passing of time and kilometres, some parts wear out. A repair is not always cheap.
For this reason, the customer usually looks for cheaper workshops and cheaper parts. However, that which is cheaper will not always be of proper quality. If a part is to ensure long-lasting operation of the vehicle and safety, then is should be sufficiently durable. Where to look for such professional spare parts?

Spare parts for Opel

Reasonably priced and professional

There are obviously at least several such places. Here, we want to draw your attention to WorldEcu. This is a distributor of original parts compatible with various types of vehicles and different car makes. We will certainly find here everything that is necessary for Opel. Irrespective of which model of Opel is concerned, which year of production, that which is indispensable will be certainly found at this place. Of course, apart from Opel, there are a lot of other spare parts compatible with other vehicles on sale here. Among other things, you can buy here:
• actuators, shock absorbers
• bearings for wheels, for gearboxes and for other elements
• elements indispensable for engine repairs, like valve train
• silencers and many others

This place does not only provide very high quality spare parts; it should be furthermore mentioned that the prices are very advantageous. So we are dealing with high quality for a reasonable price. There are also discounts for regular customers. Shipment is very quick and all the spare parts purchased are covered by warranty. The choice is huge as the assortment is very wide. So, if you want to buy an original part for your Opel or another vehicle, this is the ideal place. If you are interested in something good but cheaper then you should have a look at this online shop. The place has been checked by many and has a large group of regular customers.


BOSCH 0445110 165   

Price 80.00 EUR
(net 65.04 EUR)


  13156054 ZE, GM 93180419

0 124 425 015, 6204195

Price 70.00 EUR
(net 56.91 EUR)
OMEGA C 2001-2003  2.2 Y22DTH  24404592, 860037
Price 307.50 EUR
(net 250.00 EUR)

 ASTRA   2004-2009 93179057 1273081, 12 73 081

Price 70.00 EUR
(net 56.91 EUR)


2.5 V6 X25XE


Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)
 MERIVA  2003 - 2009  26090743, 1609142
Price 375.00 EUR
(net 304.88 EUR)
ASTRA H, ZAFIRA B  2004-2010  93181657, 5948070 93196064, 948223    
Price 246.00 EUR
(net 200.00 EUR)
Price 125.00 EUR
(net 101.63 EUR)


90506202 SR , GM 90512217  

  0 123 500 008, 6204024

Price 50.00 EUR
(net 40.65 EUR)



GM 09132925 PG 8600

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)


13143128 YW GM 93177833

0 124 425 010, 6204177

Price 50.00 EUR
(net 40.65 EUR)


DELPHI 1135307 042900728

OIL: 90443840

Price 80.00 EUR
(net 65.04 EUR)


The company Worldecu specializes in sales electronics parts.
Ecu engine controllers, BSI, BSM, body comfort module, abs modules and other electronics parts.
The electronic parts include very delicate components, is why before shipment they are tested by our qualified technicians and then properly protected and packaged before the possibility of damage during transport.
The company Worldecu offers fast shipping to every places on the earth.
Cost of delivery is 30 euros, includes parcels to 5 KG.

  • Time of deliver in  the European Union takes 24 hours

  • Time of delivery in the World is 3 to 7 working days.
    (Worldwide delivery time is dependent on the customs office )

Our company is working with delivery companies DHL, FEDEX, UPS,
so that the purchased products are delivered quickly and efficiently to the whole world.

Discounts for regular customers

 Worldecu shop offers rebates to companies and regular customers. The customers purchasing automotive parts at our shop may obtain a rebate at consecutive orders, while companies using an European Tax Number can purchase a good at net price, excluding 23% VAT.

For entities beyond the European Union all goods are not subject to 23% VAT. After ordering please email  information to worldecu24@gmail.com about purchase beyond the EU.  The invoice will be decreased by VAT.

The Worldecu Internet shop deals with sale of parts for cars, delivery vans and trucks of various brands. Each part is thoroughly checked by our qualified mechanics. We offer a 6-month warranty for our goods.  We specialize in engine controllers that can be prepared  in many ways by our electronic engineers to avoid additional costs and software difficulties .

Methods of payment

Possible payment methods
Depending on the currency and way of delivery as well and your own preference our Internet shop offers the three payment methods:

  • Bank Transfer – online bank transfer lasts about 1-2 working days
    mBank S.A.
    PL 08 1140 2004 0000 3112 0427 0690
    Swift Code: BREXPLPWMBK
  • Credit Card – quick and safe payment with a credit card  Money transfer lasts ten of minutes and is subject to 2% bank commission
  • Paypal – quick and safe payment with guaranteed delivery with the  paypal system. Money transfer last ten of minutes. The Paypal payments are subject to  4% commission.
    Paypal account at worldecu24@gmail.com (+4% commission )