In modern times, it is hard to imagine a car without an operational ABS system. Safety during driving is very important and the worse road surface we have the more useful the ABS is.
In the ordinary system, after pressing the brake the wheels get locked and the car, instead of braking, starts to skid. With the ABS, the system takes control over the braking so that the wheels are not locked but they brake at the same time.

ABS pump module in a car

The ABS in a car or any other vehicle cannot operate without a pump. Specialists call the ABS pump a modulator that must efficiently adjust pressure in the braking system during sudden and very vehement emergency braking. The entire system does not only consists of the pump but also of a controller, speed sensors placed on each of the wheels, solenoid valves and a lot of brake hoses. If a failure of the ABS pump occurs, it is necessary to replace it immediately with a new one. Only a tight and well functioning ABS system gives us a guarantee that we will brake and stop the car no a slippery surface. With such a failure, we need to consult a professional workshop where they will know how to make the repair.

ABS pump module

The price of the pump will depend on the car model. The more modern car the better pump it has to support the braking system. The costs do not matter here; it is necessary to look at the efficiency of the entire system. As it strongly influences the improved safety its cost should be neglected. It is profitable to us because this is a system the can save our lives during emergency braking or braking on a slippery surface. Today, it is not a problem to buy a new or used pump for any car. It is better to choose that which is new because then we have a guarantee that it will be functional for a long time. An old, restored pump can do ten thousand kilometres but it can also do only a thousand and then we will have to spend a lot of money again. It is up to us to decide what exactly we want to chose.


BOSCH 0 265 234 336

8E0 614 517 BF

0 265 950 474

8E0 910 517 H

Price 95.00 EUR
(net 77.24 EUR)


BOSCH 0 265 232 238

13277812 FB

0 265 800 422

Price 300.00 EUR
(net 243.90 EUR)



ATE 25.0212-1567.4

ATE 25.0928-4315.3

ATE 25.0613-3364.3

Price 200.00 EUR
(net 162.60 EUR)


BOSCH 0 265 250 215

3451 6774679-04

0 265 960 326

3451 6783366-03

3452 6783368-01

Price 300.00 EUR
(net 243.90 EUR)


FoMoCo 4S61-2M110-CC

D461 437A0-A

ATE 10.0207-0051.4

ATE 10.0970-0117.3

Price 450.00 EUR
(net 365.85 EUR)


BOSCH 0 265 235 446


0 265 950 780

Price 450.00 EUR
(net 365.85 EUR)





Price 250.00 EUR
(net 203.25 EUR)


BOSCH 0 265 235 312

 0 265 950 680

Price 225.00 EUR
(net 182.93 EUR)


95CT2AAY2, ATE 10.0212-0346.4

10021203464, 000405104E0

Price 300.00 EUR
(net 243.90 EUR)


BOSCH 0 265 236 159



Price 400.00 EUR
(net 325.20 EUR)


 BOSCH 0 265 231 426

6Q0 614 117 Q

0 265 800 363

6Q0 907 379 AA

Price 100.00 EUR
(net 81.30 EUR)





Price 300.00 EUR
(net 243.90 EUR)


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